Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Yesterday at my friend's NYE get together ...after we finished a drinking game and popped our champagne...she asked what everyone's resolutions were. Me and a few others obnoxiously, drunkenly yet thruthfully replied that we don't believe in resolutions. Well...in hindsight that's not exactly true. I believe in the idea of resolutions (goals, self-change, growth, etc). I just don't believe in New Years being the thing that brings that change to fruition. Not a completely original thought but after a year of goal setting, failing and succeeding, it's a thought I've come to embrace. If you feel as though you need the new year to be a marker in your quest for change and success that goal is probably either 1.) not something you're passionate enough about (otherwise why have you waited), or 2.) more likely to fail.

Now if you have a "New Year New Me" attitude. That's fine. But don't be afraid to start something in March and try to stop saying "tomorrow I'll start" even though we're all guilt of it.

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