Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trend Backlash

So the 90s are back...or the 70s or the decade after the last decade we tried to emulate. Mix that aesthetic with something modern and you have a "well dressed" offbeat girl or guy. At least that was the "how to stand out" formula that worked prior to tumblr and the explosion of fashion bloggers. Now "uniqueness" is just as replicable as the mannequin's outfits in Pac Sun.

So begins the trend backlash. The blacklash extends to those individuals who've been there and done that with following trends and prefer to shop at the Gap, wear simple tea dresses and shun the shiny trendy looks the internet tells us is fashionable (printed wide leg pants and a baseball cap...psshhh).

Honestly, as i scroll through my dashboard or pins or blog feed it does become mind numbing to see the same "different" outfits. However, my response isn't to wear blue jeans and a t-shirt everyday to avoid being seen as a trend monster because I enjoy trends. I like the overalls look, Solange (who is prone to more hipster garb) is my style idol and a billowy chiffon shirt over some blue cutoffs just looks good to me. I draw the line when I start to feel like I'm trying too hard to portray an image. I think you can sense effortlessness so if you changed you snapback three times to make sure it looks "right" it probably isn't effortless. 

So in that if your comfort is pairing grandpa sweaters with brogues or wearing a shift dress from the Gap do what makes you feel great and we can stop the irrational hate of emerging trends and move on with our lives.  

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